RH Sash Window Repair and Restoration are proud to offer our services to clients throughout the Stirling area who need work done on their windows. We are a professional window renovation company with a strong focus on timber and sash & case windows. With over 25 years’ experience in the repair and restoration on various windows across the country, we are a company you can trust to get your windows looking as good as new.

When left unmaintained for years, windows, sash windows in particular can start to look tired and run down, leading to rot setting in and deterioration of both the frame and the window itself, causing irritating window rattles and eventually leaving your windows in an un-repairable state.

We offer a window repair and restoration service that will alleviate the need to completely replace your windows – which would be a far more expensive investment – bringing them back to life and giving them the attention they deserve. Making use of our years of experience, top quality materials and the skills we have gained over the years, we can have your windows looking new again in little to no time at all.

Our concealed brush draught proofing system was specifically designed for use in sash windows and provides the following benefits:

  • Elimination of draughts;
  • Stops rattles;
  • Preventing dust entering the property;
  • Keeps windows easy to open.

By fitting the brushes into the parts of the window where draughts are likely to occur this system gives you the freedom to open windows with ease.

If you’re looking for quality sash window work done in Stirling then get in touch with us by calling us on 0141-883-4163 or 07973-574-980, emailing us at rhsashwindows@gmail.com or sending us an enquiry through the contact form on our site. We’ll give you free quotations and advice and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your windows are in good hands.